Floral Liquid Art Captured Using High Speed Photography

jack long

Photographer Jack Long from Milwaukee is an expert at creating magic with splash photography. Through precise timing and anticipating the exact moment a senseless blob of paint hits a hard surface, Long is able to create likenesses of vibrant flowers with liquid. While this is not the first time for this to be done, Long’s floral liquid art seems unsurpassed in its many layers and array of colors in what he calls the Vessels and Blooms series. These floral masterpieces look almost as if they had been created by a painter’s brush strokes, minus any canvass.

jack long vessels and blooms

Long, 53, spends many, many hours to come up with these splendid images. In fact it takes him months meticulously preparing each controlled splash, before he photographs them. He makes use of water blended with pigments, thickeners and dyes. Since the paint is poised in the air for a mere fraction of a second, he uses an electronic flash to make sure the perfect moment does not get away.

jack lon

Vessels and Blooms contains many images that include details like stems, petals, leaves and would you believe even “pots”, made out of paint. Not one to brag but tell the truth, Long says that his images from Vessels and Blooms did not get any help from digital manipulation. He says, “All of my images, unless otherwise noted are single capture events. I do not use Photoshop to create composited images. What you see is what occurred in that single exposure.”

jack long photo series

He further spoke about his enthusiasm for the work, saying,

“I love working with liquids because of their incredible versatility when creating high speed photography. It is as much chance as it is preparation and planning. They are all different. I like to use a lot of colours, variations and mixes of red, blue and yellow and green. The work takes a great amount of planning, set building and testing. Hundreds of captures are made in testing and then many more during the actual final capture stage. A very few stand out as being the best.”

photo series jack long

These images here from Vessels and Blooms certainly look fantastic.

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Patricia Ramos

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