Flowers Artfully Disassembled in Photo Series, ‘Exploded Flowers’

exploded sunflower

Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi creates beautiful kaleidoscopes of color with exploded parts of flowers neatly arranged in circular patterns. Each flower’s numerous petal and pistil are intricately arranged against a stark white backdrop, enhancing the rich, vibrant colors of every plant. It would be easy to liken each arrangement to first rate fireworks. Aptly called Exploded Flowers these close-up shots of dissected flowers are meant to compel viewers to take a closer look at nature’s work which we have a tendency to routinely ignore and take for granted.

exploded  magenta flower

Fong Qi describes his art philosophy further in his website, saying,

‘Art is “making special“. Essentially, I try to “make special” via the medium of photography. I strive to make images which touches both the feeling part and the thinking part of your mind. My art seeks to get your attention (the feeling part) and hopefully engage you on a deeper level as you look at it for longer (the thinking part).

exploded blue flower

Fong Qi has been using photography as his art medium for more than 10 years already. He is now immersed studying and perfecting the printing process for realizing his art. In photography, he feels that the final print is the end point of the artistic process. He also feels that while screen resolutions and color rendering are continuing to improve, the absence of a standard calibration is a source of distortion between the artist and an audience. “A print removes all the variables in color and resolution,” declares Fong Qi.

exploded hibiscus

Fong Qui’s credentials include participating in the International Photography Awards. He has also garnered a few honourable mentions as well as 2nd place in the 2012 IPA in the category of Nature:Flowers. He was also a finalist in the France + Singapore Photographic Arts Award of 2012. Some of his artworks are represented in Luxarchive as limited edition prints.


exploded flower

Visit his website and see his portfolio called Exploded Flowers.

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