Focus-Stacked Extreme Close-Ups of Bugs

frog underwater

Sometimes just a change in perspective can make a world of a difference. Take for instance tiny bugs. They are from our standpoint little critters we can literally brush aside,  ignore, or squash dead if we choose to. Now put yourself on equal footing with these tiny creatures, meaning see them scaled the same size as humans, and what you have are utterly hideous looking monsters that would scare the living daylights out of anybody. Photographer Nicolas Reusens’ interest in insects captures extremely detailed images of these diminutive creatures through his interest in macro photography.

ant eating bug

body of frog

Reusens uses a technique known as focus stacking, which combines several images but taken in differing depths of field.  Using this technique has produced some pretty scary close-ups of these tiny insects that are straight out of a science fiction B-movie. Using focus stacking was necessary to achieve an increase in the depth of field while not stopping down his aperture, which would require longer shutter times. This compromise leads to diffraction and diminished sharpness. He combines anywhere between 2 to 200 exposures with the use of Zerene Stacker.

spider eyes macro

frog on top of beetle

Reusens’ photos are from different parts of the world. He gets around quite a bit being half Swedish, while residing in Spain. He is well-travelled having been to countries in Latin America, Asia, South Africa, and Mexico to name a few. He also says that this frequent travelling has allowed him to acquire a better world view, understanding the diversity of cultures around the globe.

spider close up eyes

close up of spider eyes

Reusens shares his enthusiasm for both travel and nature in his website, saying,

“I’ve always had a sharp eye for nature and been fascinated by insects, so three years ago I bought my first reflex camera with which I started from scratch experimenting and learning the ‘secrets’ of THE macro photography as I imagined it should be when as a kid I collected ants, moths and other insects in matchboxes.I guess you could call me a perfectionist or maybe even a freak, but this is how I’ve always felt things should be done.

One of the greatest satisfactions of photography is traveling around the world and ‘capturing’ the weird and wonderful creatures I’m showing you herewith.”

bug with droplets of water

bug on end of match

Visit Reusens’ website here.

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