Former Ballet Dancer Shifts Attention to Creating Ethereal Imagery

kylli sparre

With many years of training under her belt to become a professional ballet dancer, artist Kylli Sparre came to the realization that dance was not her calling.  She instead placed her passion for ballet into deeper interest, which is photography and image manipulation. In her photos, her dance background takes on a more unique and profound form of expression.

sparrek kylli sparre ballet

Professionally known as Sparrek, her visually engaging shots depict strikingly surreal scenes that incorporate her ballet background. On her inspiration for shooting, she had this to say in an interview with fellow photographer, Tanya Smith.

kylli sparre ballet

“I get my inspiration usually by daydreaming, something I have been doing too much of all my life. Also books, people, relationships, nature—inspiration can be found everywhere. To me, it has always been harder to bring an idea across rather than finding ideas.”

On how she comes up with her concepts and ideas, she had this to say about having themes pre and post photoshoot.

ballet kylli sparre

“It happens both ways. I do usually go out to shoot with a specific idea. However, if it doesn´t seem to work or something different emerges, I change direction. I always consciously try to keep an open mind and not get fixated with one idea.”

kylli sparre ballet dancer

Usually starting with a female dancer set against a diversity of backgrounds, Sparrek’s subjects are a giveaway on her ballet background. They all possess the grace and elegance in their body movements, nuances you only get to see in the classical trained. Sparrek captures the subtle gestures combined with a spectacular and ethereal imagery. “I try to communicate the way I see the world, the way I feel or the way I think others might feel. Hoping to communicate emotions, something that has been under the surface or overlooked,” says the former ballerina.

dancer kylli sparre ballet

Sparrek’s gear is a Canon 5D Mark II and she has been using only one lens lately; a Canon 24-105mm. She also occasionally uses a Canon 50mm f/1.8.

See here graceful, flowing images here.

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