Former Professional Skateboarder Shoots Series of Portraits of Himself Skating Across Sao Paulo, Brazil

skateboarder in brazil

Sao Paulo-based photographer and former professional skateboarder Fabiano Rodrigues recently shot a magnificent collection of self-portraits showing him skateboarding in excellently chosen locations, showcasing architectural landmarks in and around the city of Sao Paulo.  Rodriguez masterfully rides his skateboard within the Brazilian architecture masterpieces, becoming as much the subject as the magnificent structures. His faceless figure is an accessory to the beautiful edifices, as he dashes across each image, animating the empty spaces. Seeing his entrancing shots, it is difficult to believe that photography is a secondary passion of Rodrigues.

brazilian skateboarder

The multi-talented Brazilian artist took a liking to photography when he was still skateboarding professionally. Posing for other photographers while showing off his skateboarding chops, he eventually became fascinated in the craft.  Soon the 39-year-old would be handling a camera himself. Rodrigues would take a camera and experiment thoroughly with self-portraits.

skateboarder doing stunts

The production of the shots is remarkable, as he pays meticulous attention to light, shadows, and the surroundings found in each of the images. His gear is a Hasselblad outfitted with a remote control. So far, he has assembled a brilliant and impressive portfolio since 2010, full of dramatic black and white shots of himself, skateboarding with the magnificent architecture of his city as fabulous backdrop.

sao paulo skateboarder on streets

His passion in composition, motion, and architecture, would soon spill-over to other skateboarders besides himself. Rodrigues regularly shares shots of other athletes while at their sport on his Tumblr photography page.

self-portrait skateboarder

A peculiar aspect of Rodrigues’ work is that his photos are extremely limited. Each of the images is printed only once. He sells the prints at the Logo Gallery in Sau Paulo, Brazil. If you ever purchased a photograph from him, at least you would know that it is a one-of-a-kind print.

portrait of skateboarder

Check out his outstanding self-portraits on his Tumblr page here.

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