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Copyright laws protect the authors of original pieces including dramatic, literary, artistic, musical, and other intellectual works from the unauthorized use of their creations.  What this means is that you alone have the right to do anything with the work you created. Other people, without your express consent are prohibited from copying, distributing, performing (in case it is a song for example), displaying, or using your creation to make other works (referred to as ‘derivative works’). Copyright and other intellectual property rights have become even more significant in this day and age of information and access made possible through the internet.

There are however, some voices of dissent that feel copyright defeats the purpose of creating works in the first place. This movement also known as anti-copyright, “refers to the complete or partial opposition to prevalent copyright laws.

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Copyright is known as the owner’s right for copies to be only made by the owner or with his/her authorization in form of a license,” according to the WIPO published Understanding Copyright and Related Rights.  Maybe one such purveyor of this idea is Unsplash, a no nonsense site that posts free, that’s right, free high resolution images (10 to be exact) every 10 days.


These images are waived of any copyright restrictions through a Creative Commons CC0 designation. A CC0 allows the author of an original piece the power to waive his or her rights under copyright law. Anyone can then use the creation in any way.

rocks on the beach

Unsplash, put up by ooomf, simply has these words when you visit the site,

“Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos for your website. 10 new photos every 10 days.”

waterfall with rocks in foreground

There are currently 20 pictures on the site, 10 of outdoor/wildlife images and another 10 of a mock-up Apple products ensemble on a work desk. For those of you looking for a source of free, hi-resolution images for your website, or whatever project that may need visuals, Unsplash may be a treasure trove of pictures that can be used without infringing on any copyright laws.

beach scene

Give it a visit here and perhaps make use of it’s subscribe feature. I know I will!

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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