Freedivers Capture Mesmerizing Underwater Photos in ‘One Ocean One Breath’

dolphins swimming

One Ocean One Breath is a freediving photo and video partnership made up of Eusebio and Christina Saeyns de Santamaria, two record holders in freediving from Spain and Australia respectively.

Eusebio, who hails from Bilbao in northern Spain has been into freediving for over 10 years now. He co-founded ‘Apnea Total’ in 2004, one of the biggest freediving education systems in the world.

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To date, Eusebio has taught and trained literally thousands of freedivers of many skill levels, from beginner to professional, including a world champion spearfishermen. Eusebio’s personal accomplishments include being a past National Record holder for Spain in the three depth categories.


Australian born Christina has been freediving since 2005 after she completed her first freediving courses under the ‘Apnea Total’ program.  She has since trained as well as competed in freediving competitions around the world and is the current holder of the Australian National Records in two depth disciplines, qualifying her as the deepest Australian female freediver in history.


“We live on the small tropical island of Koh Tao in Thailand, however we spend 6 months of the year travelling, freediving and exploring the world and the ocean on one breath. As we travel we create new underwater photography and vidoegraphy, explore different aspects of the world of apnea and aspire for new depths and personal records in freediving,” says Eusebio in their website.

freediver with sea turtle

One such trip is this recent visit to Hawaii and Mexico. The photos taken in waters around both locations capture the delightful splendor of the undersea world, as well as the grace of both champion freedivers.


Eusebio added, “We use freediving as a means for exploration and adventure, to discover abstract worlds, new perspectives and to push the boundaries of our bodies and minds. Our freediving photography and videography is an expression of our underwater experiences and a way to share our underwater world with others”.

freediver on seabed

Visit their website to see more of the stunning photos.

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