Fuji, the 3-Year-Old Photographer from Lagos, Nigeria


At 3 years old, there are some developmental milestones expected from any normal child. Typically a 3 year-old can for his or her language skills, talk well enough to be understood most of the time by just about anybody. He or she can also carry on a conversation for up to 2 to 3 sentences. Cognitively, he or she can work toys with buttons, levers, and moving parts. These little kids can also play make-believe with dolls, animals, and people, and can do puzzles with 3 or 4 pieces. Physically he or she is already able to climb well, run easily, pedal a 3-wheel bike and walk up and down a flight of stairs, one foot on each step.

Now with that put into context, what would you think if we told you of a 3 year-old photographer? Not only that. This young shutterbug already has a first exhibit under his belt.

photo of sister

Introducing the unbelievable Onafujiri Remet, street photographer extraordinaire from Lagos, Nigeria. And yes, he really is 3 years old. Fuji was recently profiled by CNN. In that feature, they spoke with Fuji’s father, Pius Kugbere Remet who also comes from a creative background.

photo of street in lagos, nigeria

“The creative home environment with unquestioned access to series of cameras is a key factor [in his interest in photography]” says Pius.

mechanic fixing car

“I hope he grows up to become a larger than life photographer, who’ll explore his natural platform to impact remarkably on the course of humanity.” Pius is also an early child development specialist, along with his wife, Lilian.

fuji shooting pictures

Apparently, the creative DNA runs quite abundantly among the Remet brood. Onafujiri is the youngest among 3 siblings. His two older sisters are award winners in painting, computer graphics and photography in their native Lagos, Nigeria.  Their names are Onarietta who is 9 and Onatteni who is 7. This is indeed a multi-talented and gifted family.

photographer fuji

Check out Onafujiri Remet’s remarkable work here and visit the Sipa Press website to see photos of his exhibition.

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