Girlfriend Continues to Lead Photographer in Photos

murad osmann

Do you like being led around? Perhaps not, but you probably won’t mind if you have the attractive behind of a lovely girlfriend to look at. Trust a photographer to come up with some of the simplest but most interesting ideas, such as this series. Russian photographer Murad Osmann has been drawing quite a bit of attention recently on the Internet for his unique images, which is a clever but simple project he has been sharing on his Instagram account. We’ve already featured his photos before, but he has made some interesting additions to the series.

murad osmann follow me

Entitled Follow Me, the collection is all about perspective.  The series documents his travels around the world, but always shot from the back of his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova’s body as she takes the lead, guiding him by the hand through various locations around the globe.

follow me murad osmann

The places are some of the world’s most iconic locations, which include the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Hong Kong, Big Ben in London, a Venetian Gondola in Venice to a Blue Mosque in Istanbul, turkey.

 murad osmann photo series

The series began during a vacation in Barcelona, Spain in 2011. Zakharova was becoming increasingly irritated with Osmann who was so obsessed and consumed with his camera that she started pulling him by the hand.

murad osmann travel

Unwittingly, that obviously led to another camera related obsession. Being the consummate lensman, Osmann took a shot of himself being led around. Thanks to Zakharova’s annoyance that day, it sparked a project that has been going on for a year and has included many famous locations.

travel murad osmann

Osmann takes the photos using his DSLR or iPhone and adds occasional effects to them with Camera+ before uploading the pictures to Instagram. Osmann is based in Moscow, but he travels the world frequently because of his profession as executive producer of the film company Hype Productions. During his travels, he normally spends a few days from each trip to sightsee with Zakharova, and add pictures to the now famous Follow Me series.

travel follow me murad osmann

See the growing collection here.

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