Glowing Street Silhouettes in Photo Series ‘Shining’

glowing silhouettes in middle of street

Shining is a series of concept photographs, manipulated to depict glowing human shaped figures. They are typical street scenes, you would find in any metropolis bustling with people.  Lead motion designer at Transparent House in San Francisco, Eduard Zhikharev created the thought of gleaming figures. The work is a shared effort with his wife, who is a photographer by profession. The idea of Shining had not yet fully materialized t when his wife initially shot the pictures. Zhikharev was keeping Olga company one day while she doing some post work when the idea for this series came to him.

one glowing silhouette in street

“The process of Shining was done in Photoshop, all in the color correction layers. I was sitting behind my wife when she was working in Lightroom and I selected several images which were a good fit for this idea; we didn’t plan to create Shining when she shot the photos. The project was completed at home over one weekend.” On collaborating with his wife, Zhikharev says “She is very helpful, when I saw her photos I voiced the idea and it was her who convinced me to sit down and bring it to the final stage. For each image she gives me her advice.”

two glowing silhouettes

Shining is all about the good, positive energy flowing in people. Represented as bodies of radiating light, we would be blinded by the gleaming energy bursting forth from individual people. It is an optimistic look at the world, seeing each of one us as Illuminating forces of energy.

 “The main concept is that in our society, there are people who with their unique energy are full of light all around. Life is joy, happiness, hard work and honesty. It’s what fascinates other people around them. This is what I wanted to convey, if it could be visualized. It’s the way I would like to see it like it.”

glowing silhouette by building

On how he even found the initial inspiration that eventually germinated into Shining, Zhikharev turns reflective, saying, “Every day I see hundreds of beautiful works; all of them become deposited in my head. In our world, it is very hard to create unique work. Working with people is probably the most interesting theme to me, but I very rarely get to work in that direction.” View the conceptual images created by Zhikharev and his wife here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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