Grandiose Panoramas Reflect Some of the Most Magnificent Places on the Planet

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Lensman Kevin McNeal from the Pacific Northwest of America specializes in landscape photography. He shoots grandiose, expansive panoramas that literally reflect the most magnificent places on the planet. With a keen perceptive eye, he captures nature’s brief revelations of visual magic, mirroring them through his images for all of us to see. These photographs, devoid of any digital manipulation, are the product of tenacity and patience to shoot oft seen places in ways we have not seen before.

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McNeal’s breathtaking images shot in the Tonquin Valley, the Canadian Rockies and other locations show this passion. The Canadian Rockies as seen prominently in many of McNeal’s images comprise the Canadian portion of the Rocky Mountains range. It is the eastern part of the Canadian Cordillera, stretching from the Inner Plains of Alberta all the way to the Rocky Mountain Trench of British Columbia.

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The southern portion borders Idaho and Montana of America. The northern end borders the Liard River over in northern British Columbia. Due to its breathtaking beauty, much of the range is protected by parks and is a World Heritage Site. The Tonquin Valley is found in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, beside the border of the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

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McNeal’s images are 100% genuine in-camera created photographs. McNeal phenomenally shows these majestic mountains reflected in the water, creating mirror images of what you see above, below. Journeying through most of North America along with his wife, he shoots assorted vistas, glorifying remote locations. At the same time, he is also calling much needed attention to a complacent public, reminding all that this Earth IS beautiful and it needs our love and care.

mountain reflection kevin mcneal

Mcneal has been conducting workshops for the last couple of years which include group as well as private classes. While these series of magnificent panoramas across North America are all in-camera creations, Mcneal also dabbles in post processing of digital photography, and he teaches Adobe Photoshop classes as well. His work has appeared in several magazines including Digital Photo, Photo Plus, Outdoor Photographer, Nature’s Best, and the Holy Grail for everything outdoor, National Geographic.

kevin mcneal mountain reflection

See his fantastic images of the Canadian Rockies and the Tonquin Valley here.

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