Haircut in Reverse, a Stop-Motion Video

As if to satisfy every frustrated guy’s expectation of a haircut gone bad, Peter Simon fulfills that annoying, helpless feeling in his stop-motion film called Ballpoint Barber. Using a ballpoint pen to magically “draw” hair onto the bald head of model (or victim) Tom Offer-Westort, Simon seemingly achieves recreating a head full of hair.

ballpoint barber

It took 300 printed photographs to create the Ballpoint Barber, which is a sequel to Trim, Simon’s first “reverse” haircut video that was produced about two years ago. Who knows, maybe Offer-Westort decided he wanted to have a shaved head again.

ballpoint barber stop-motion video

Simon, also known as Petey Boy, will remind you of those silly 80 magnetic toy Wooly Willy, which allowed for moving black pieces around Willy’s face with a magnetic wand to create hilarious beards, eyebrows, and other facial hair. In Ballpoint Barber, Simon’s friend first loses all of his hair.

ballpoint barber video

After that and with the help of an interactive hand and “magnetic” wand, he slowly regains a full head of it, not to mention a full beard. Despite the absence of any dialogue, the animated face of Offer-Westort is totally  involved with the procedure, as his varied expressions take him from happy to sad, with accompanying body movements to imply whether he is satisfied or not.

ballpoint barber pen

It is engaging and entertaining to watch as he goes from totally bald to everything that includes a flamboyant moustache-sideburns combo to the penultimate, full bearded face and head with a full-grown mohawk.

Simon has this short tale about his origins.

“So, about 20 years ago there was a major storm in Wisconsin. The winds flew through the air so fast, poor old man Ferris was whipped into the sky. ‘Whoopee’ cried old Ferris without a care. He soared effortlessly around the rain drenched sky. The lightning waved as he passed by. He saw a few of his friends and offered them some candy from his pocket, as was his custom. They declined, knowing that the candy would taste of old spice and moth balls, but genuinely thanked him for the offer.

Old man Ferris rode the air current all the way to Dodge County. He landed squarely in as oval shaped tree. That’s where he found me, wrapped in banana leaves and sleeping like… well, like a baby.”

stop-motion video ballpoint barberballpoint barber

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