Harm Less: Photos of Firearms Made Out of Plants

gun made out of plants

Just when you think you’ve seen the whimsical, you are again surprised to see something even more fanciful. Artist Sonia Rentsch creatively takes twigs, branches, leaves, flowers and even some fruit and creates with them, automatic pistols, revolvers, high caliber bullets, and even a hand grenade. Obviously, these ingeniously created pieces are merely replications of actual firearms, and needless to say, are absolutely harmless. From a distance however, the images look deceptively real. Quite wittingly, she calls the harmless series Harm Less.  Rentsch created the project for the January Biannual, a publication committed to “beauty, intelligence and timelessness.” Photographer Albert Comper was in charge of taking the shots of each of “weapon.”

gun made out of natural materials

Perhaps the 70’s term “flower power” could be borrowed to help explain this project.  The intention of Rentsch is to make a subtle statement on violence, weapons and the culture of firearms. It has also spawned other discussions, like the violence against nature, the violence of nature, the disarming power of nature, and other similar topics. It also revisits the disturbing theme of harmless elements, when assembled together, become terrible objects of destruction.

firearms made out of plants

Rentsch it says in her website “creates deceptively clever scenes from the simplest of objects,” which is quite evident in Harm Less. It is also stated in the site that “her weltanschauung is to find the beauty in everything.” She is a 2002 graduate of industrial design from RMIT University in Australia. Rentsch has worked for an assorted variety of clients that include (but are not limited to) the l’oréal melbourne fashion festival, the suddeutsche zeitung (germany) & christian dior (uk). Albert Comper is the photographer who shot the Sexy Young Things Dance project.

firearms made out of harmless materials

harmless firearms

firearms harm less series

See Harm Less in its entirety here, and Comper’s complete body of work here.

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