Hauntingly Beautiful Long Exposure Images

darren moore

The uniqueness of Darren Moore‘s photographs is not found in how he captures fleeting moments, but rather quite the opposite.  The Surrey photographers’ dreamlike and ethereal long exposures, as fantastic as they are, barely allow us to see the painstaking process involved in their creation. Besides the usual task of finding an idyllic location as well as subject or focal point, composing the image and getting the technical details right,  Moore who is both a painter as well as  photographer has to set up his camera to take in minimal light since he mostly shoots in the daytime.

darren moore long exposure

Moore‘s methods are the direct opposite of the fast and sensitive associated with low light photography that is all the rage these days. While his technique maybe time-consuming, the unreal quality of the images that Moore produces apparently make all his efforts well worth it.

Moore is self-taught and he only went into a career as a full-time fine-art lensman in the last few years. He shared these few thoughts on his craft and background on his website.

darren moore long exposure trees

“I am a self taught photographer living and working in Surrey. I have had a passion for photography for many years now and in the last few years have taken steps towards it becoming a full time profession.

I have been fortunate enough to have exhibited my work in the USA, Canada, France and here in the UK – Picking up a number of international awards along the way.

darren moore long exposure water

Primarily working in Black & White I specialise in a technique called ‘Daytime Long Exposure’ using Neutral Density (ND) filters attached to the lens. ND filters cut out the amount of light coming into the lens allowing the shutter to be left open for much longer than normal, capturing movement with an ethereal aesthetic. My images range from 30 second exposures to 15+ minutes.”

darren moore long exposure water

darren moore long exposure waterfront

darren moore long exposure man silhouette

See his amazing work here.

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