Heartwarming Family Portrait with a Jack-Russell Terrier Posing as the Couple’s Newborn Baby

family portrait

No baby? No problem. The dog will do. At least for a photoshoot, that is. This is what professional family and pet portrait photographer Jamie Clauss did. Clauss and her photographer buddies created a series of baby photos with their Jack-Russell Terrier called Snuggles, which stood in for the real thing. The Huntsville, Alabama-based Jan and Chase Renegar do not have a baby. That however, did not stop the two who also happen to be wedding photographers, from staging some ‘family’ pictures they could call their own.

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So in comes Clauss, to shoot some very special pictures of them and their beloved, four legged pooch, Snuggles. “The session was meant to be tongue in cheek — a visual take on how we humanize our pets,” said Clauss of the series.

dog portrait

The dog got the whole nine yards as far as photo shoots go, especially since his owners, Jan and Chase wanted nothing less than the best. The result is a typical, well-shot pictorial of man, woman and child (child pooch, that is). All the customary baby photos are executed, making no distinction between child and animal.

family portrait dog

If you are not an animal lover, this series could come across as a bit bizarre to say the least, but if you adore them, then this series would be spot on. Who knows you might even want to have a pictorial just like this with your dog, (or cat?) As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks.

dog portrait photography

While it is not uncommon for couples to postpone parenthood or opt out altogether, it is natural to want to grow a family, regardless of the members these days. The hit TV series ‘Modern Family’ would not be so popular if this were not a fact. Who knows, maybe a new family should be introduced to the series, made-up of a man, woman and dog. That could push the right buttons on even more viewers.

photography dog familyportrait

dog portrait photography

photography dog portrait

See the amusing series of Jan and Chase along with snuggles here.

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