Heartwarming Photos of a Daughter and Her Adorable Pet Cats

andy prokh

Russian Photographer Andy Prokh has been keeping a photographic record of his daughter Katherine for some time. She is now 6 and a half years old and her father continues to take images of her and her two endearing cat playmates.

andy prokh cat

Prokh devotedly chronicles the adventures and relationship of the delightful trio, taking pictures of the three playing chess, taking part in a tea party, balancing on books, answering hard equations on a whiteboard, and all sorts of other playful and zany stuff. Initially called by fans as “A Girl And Her Cat” the images make frequent appearances on Tumblr and Pinterest.

andy prokh pet cat

“I like to take photos of them because I love them both,” Prokh said of his work as he began a few years ago.  “I’ve always believed a photographer must love what he shoots.” Of course as one can see, now the duo is a trio. Prokh is an economist and photography enthusiast who has been taking the cute series since his daughter was 4 years old. The pictures have been essentially the same, showing their daily activities, where Katherine and her two feline friends seem to be very much at ease in each other’s company.

andy prokh cat photo series

Prokh’s good-humored depiction of the unique relationship of his daughter with the two cats has a narrative quality. He is also able to capture the dynamic character of every subject and the warmth among the three of them, elements which makes this collection an uplifting series. He is able to capture the spirit of growing-up, family, friendship and love. “They’ve lived their whole lives together,” says Prokh.

photo series andy prokh

The three have great chemistry as they spend time with each other while exploring their home. It is one of those rare and special relationships that can only happen between a child and a loving pet. The three have a lot in common and complement each other. One can easily observe that Katherine and the cats love the arts, the sciences in addition to education.

photo series andy prokh cat

See the heartwarming series here.

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