Heartwarming Photos of a Little Girl and Her Pet Piglet

portrait child with piglet

Libby is a 2-year-old girl, and she happens to have one of the most adorable pets that a young child could have – a cute 3-month-old piglet called Pearl. Pigs need little in the way of housing and can be kept indoors or out. Pigs are actually bright, inquisitive social animals. They also can be toilet trained just like dogs and cats. Indoor pigs will require their own space, ideally their own room with a pile of blankets where they can snuggle up. They will also need some exercise outdoors. These are just some of the things that Libby’s adoptive mother Lindsey, a photographer and blogger, does to maintain Pearl the piglet. Lindsey captures their cute activities together and shares them on Instagram.

friendship photo

Libby and Pearl have an undeniable bond, as Lindsey recently shared in an interview. “Libby hangs out by her pen when she’s not out and talks to her, and when she is out she always has to know where she is by calling ‘Pearl Pearl where are you?’ It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever!” Lindsey gladly documents her daughter’s enjoyable encounters with Pearl, producing  perhaps one of the most adorable photo collections between a child and her pet currently on the internet.

girl and piglet

Lindsey is no stranger to farm animals, growing up in a rural setting and she has always been an animal lover herself.  She had a baby lamb while in high school and at the present time takes care of two rescued Babydoll sheep. So when Lindsey and her hubby Phil wanted to add another animal to their house, it was not difficult to choose what they wanted to adopt. They just took their cue from little Libby.

child portrait

“Libby has been obsessed with pigs for about six months now, always wanting to see pictures of them and watch videos on our phones,” said Lindsey, adding, “So, after lots of research and hearing wonderful things about these sweet guys we decided that adding a pig to our family would be great.”

piglet with owner friendship photo

Have fun looking at Libby and her little pink friend Pearl.

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