Heartwarming Photos of a Little Girl and Her Special Connection with Wild Animals

little girl with tiger cub

Many times, amazing photos come from the hands of extremely talented photographers. In other cases, exceptional subjects supply the magic to create special images. Photographer Robin Schwartz is certainly adept at her craft and her various works are showcased in collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art, The Smithsonian American Museum of Art, Washington, D.C., The San Francisco Museum of  Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Chrysler Museum of Art, The Bibliotheque Nationale, France and The Museum Folkwang, Germany. In other words, her work is certainly nothing to scoff at. However, perhaps one of her most disarming and charming portfolios is born out of someone right from home. Ever since 2002, Schwartz has been capturing images of her daughter Amelia, who herself seems to possess quite an unusual talent. The young girl has an uncommon ability to interact affectionately with all kinds of animals. Subjects have included everything from the usual dogs and cats to more unusual animals like monkeys, kangaroos, camels and even camels.

little girl with wild animals

little girl with wild animal

Schwartz says her message with these photos was to portray the animals as regular members of our world, which is why she did not attempt to embellish the animals in any way that would seem unnatural. Amelia likewise makes creative input on the images. It goes without saying that she is very accustomed and comfortable with the animals, since from a very young age of 3, she was taught not to fear them, but rather see them as siblings, as they are “part of her natural world.”

little girl with animals

little girl with deer

This does not mean that Robin and Amelia get careless during the pictorials though. The utmost care and caution is given during each photo shoot, in fact the worst thing ever to happen to Amelia was when a cousin’s dog bit her in the face in a non-pictorial related encounter.

little girl lying on grass

little girl with camel

little girl with dog

Visit Robin Schwartz’ website to see her other photographs, along with Amelia’s pictures with the loving animals. The projects are called Amelia’s World and Animal Affinity. A photo book of Amelia’s World was published back in 2008.

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