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Whenever a newborn baby smiles, the old folks say that their angel is playing with them. If that were true, then all these babies must be smiling at their guardian angel. True or not, pictures of smiling babies make for irresistibly cute photographs, and that’s what newborn baby photographer Sandi Ford specializes in. Ford runs her photography business, Bumps Babies and Beyond, in London, and has been photographing toddlers and families since 2010. For Ford, photography is not just work but a great source of inspiration.

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“I had seen the American Photographers creating these beautiful, arsty, creative sleeping newborn photos and I wanted to do it too!” said Ford. “It wasn’t easy – no-one in the UK really saw my vision – but I managed to get a sweet family with a beautiful newborn called Daisy to help me launch this style of photography to my business! That was is 2012 – and I haven’t looked back!”

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Bumps Babies and Beyond has since grown and is thriving in Britain these days. Ford’s unique style is gaining popularity, since there aren’t that many who concentrate their work on newborn babies. Her style relies much on natural light and she likes to focus on qualities like delicateness and softness of an infant.

sandi ford babies

Ford advises parents to use props as well as personal or sentimental mementos to add a distinctive and personal touch to the photographs. She is also the mother of three young children herself which she says helps her recognize how to elicit giggles from older children and how to calm and relax a toddler.

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Ford further adds that photographing these fleeting moments is not easy work, and requires a very patient attitude. There are also some tricks of the trade that she shared.

“You can tell when a newborn might smile,” she told BabyCenter. “Their little eyes might flicker a bit, and they might pull some funny faces. I sit and wait and hope for a smile! Sometimes a little tickle on the lips of nose might coerce it, but more often than not it is patience and luck!” Well, we will have to disagree with the “luck’ part, and generously concede that Ford has a gift for doing what she does.

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See her adorable work here.

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