Heartwarming Portraits of Homeless Animals

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There are plenty of ways one can lend a hand for a cause. The essential ingredient needed is the willingness help. New York photographer Brian Moss is proof of that as he volunteered his services towards helping homeless animals. Moss did this by donating his precious time and talents to New Jersey’s Bergen County Protect and Rescue to shoot some heart-melting portraits of homeless animals.

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The images are part of a collection designed to create awareness for Protect and Rescue, the animals under their care, as well as to hopefully spread the spirit of volunteerism, and the many ways it can be manifested by different individuals, possessed with a generous heart.

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Moss skillfully leveraged his camera and produced, Rescue Me, a heart tugging series showcasing the adorable and adoptable dogs of the New Jersey Bergen County Protect and Rescue. Moss elaborated on his strategy to entice others to act.

dog rescue shelter

“The hope is for others to see their portraits and see beyond their identifiers as ‘strays’ or ‘owner surrenders’, to reimagine these cats and dogs as a vital part of their own lives. A second chance…   So I set up a tiny ‘studio tableaux’ at the shelter, in between a sink and a leaky washing machine, and started my new job.”

rescued dog

Moss, did not hide the fact that he could not photograph the dogs in their current element. This however did not stop him from pursuing the project. Even though he did not “… have the emotional strength to volunteer at places like New York’s ‘Animal Care and Control’ centers,” He put up a small, temporary studio beside the washing area, and began photographing the animals for Rescue Me.

It has been said that the best way to inspire others is through example, and it’s a wonderful lead that Moss has shown. There are as many ways to volunteer as there are kind-hearted individuals.

See Moss’ Rescue Me here.

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