Hide-and-Seek Photography Book Starring the Lovable Dog, Momo

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Legions of netizens play hide-and-seek with the border collie Momo each day. Momo and Canadian visual artist Andrew Knapp travel all over the world in all sorts of places. Together they went across cities, into backyards, through vast fields, down dusty country roads, suburban neighborhoods, as well as many odd locations. All these images have been compiled into a book that is both a collection of fun-filled pictures as well as outstanding photography.

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It is an enjoyable game you can play anytime and take with you anywhere. Immerse yourself in each page of Knapp’s lovely, tranquil, and oft surreal photos, and in the process, hopefully you will spot Momo’s canine face staring back at you. Find Momo is an entertaining hide-and-seek photography book where the ultimate goal is to locate the adorable border collie.

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Similar to the well-known ‘Where’s Waldo’ books, as well as the Mystery Case Files series, one is made to look for the inconspicuous face of the dog in the photos.  Since its first appearance on the web last year, Momo’s has grown in popularity immensely. A photobook is currently on book tour with Knapp and fans of the series can purchase it at US$11.64 on Amazon.

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Andrew Knapp is a photographer and freelance interface designer based in northern Ontario who tries to change everyday mundane occurrences and activities into creative adventures. Besides his commercial photography as well as design work, Knapp has collaborated on an Instamissions project with MTV and Sony, filmed a TEDx Talk, and cofounded the We Live Up Here collaboration discovering Sudburry Ontario life.

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Momo is a sweet and lovable border collie, and a constant companion and sidekick of Knapp.  The dog has made quite a career out of hiding. Knapp and Momo are an Instagram sensation, and together they bring joy to over 100,000 followers who just can’t stop looking for Momo.

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See what all the fuss is about here.

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