High Contrast Black and White Images of a World Upside Down

guy cohen black and white shadow

Photography student Guy Cohen is a young, talented lensman that has shown exemplary work shot in monochrome. At just 24 years old, he has been distinguishing himself with his work as an emerging talent. Cohen has been shooting for over 8 years and so far has carved for himself a strong dramatic style of contrast and light. He is at the moment working on an ambitious project that has to do with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

black and white

Cohen studies in Jerusalem and goes around the many photogenic locations around Israel in addition to elsewhere in the world to capture some impressive images. Cohen likes to play around with the elements of light, shadow, shape and perspective. The Jerusalem based Cohen has a penchant for shooting the shadows created by pedestrians and their bodies, but not the actual people’s images. This theme produces a perplexing and distinctive world that is upside down and exists on ground level.

black and white silhouettes

Cohen’s use of sharp contrast and odd angles to capture unique images of the world around him is quickly defining his emerging trademark style. He is able to create these high-contrast black and white shots by framing intense shadows as well as silhouettes against gorgeous patterns one would come across ordinarily, such as  wooden planks, cobblestone or floor tiles. His unique perspective captures a world upside down, almost as if the humans are the shadows and vice versa.

black and white shadow

Regardless of the subject matter, Cohen has the unique talent of creating pictures in a manner that each can stand alone. Rather remarkable work for someone so young. Cohen also lends his talents as Editor in the web based “Composition,” an online photography magazine. One would only presume that the forthcoming work on the Holy Sepulcher can be nothing short of fabulous.

shadow black and white

See his current body of work here.

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