High-Line Climbers Juxtaposed Against Mesmerizing Natural Backgrounds


Pictured here are some gravity-defying, vertigo-inducing images of daredevils doing some highlining. This ‘sport’ is part of what is generally referred to as slacklining, defined as “the use of a form of webbing that is tensioned between two anchor points to balance.”

highlining photo rio

Slacklining is very much like slack rope walking and tightrope walking since the line or rope is held under tension. Slacklining is differentiated from tightwires or tightropes since it is only tensioned to a point that produces a more dynamic line which has an amount of stretch and bounce akin to a long and narrow trampoline.

highlining photo brazil

Highlining on the other hand is slacklining, but at great elevations above ground or water. Many slackliners will concede that highlining is the pinnacle of the sport. As seen in these images by @100limitefilmes, when rigging highlines, experienced slackers make certain that secure, redundant and equalized anchors are used to fasten the line securely. Modern highline rigging usually involves a mainline of webbing, backup webbing, and either climbing rope or amsteel rope for added security.

highlining photo

To guarantee safety, most highliners use a climbing harness or swami belt along with a leash connected to the slackline. It is no doubt a daredevil’s sport, but is also hypnotic to watch as spectators cling to the highliner’s every step as he makes his way precariously to the other side.

highlining photo brazil rio de janeiro

Over the past several years, @100limitefilmes has dedicated his work to “photograph epic landscapes in the context of climbing and recently, high-line.” As a relatively new sport, @100limitefilmes collaborates with amazingly talented local athletes in Rio de Janeiro to capture the spirit of this growing lifestyle, while also raising global awareness of their extraordinary exploits.

highlining photos

An added bonus of shooting such an amazing sport is the joy of shooting in Rio de Janeiro, which is a fun filled place. Surrounded by lots of mountains rising directly out of the sea as well as high altitude high-lines, this destination makes for some rather breathtaking highlining, as can be seen.

It is an amazing collection posted by @100limitefilmes, which can be viewed here.

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