High Speed Photos of People Shooting Out of a Water Slide

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After a long frosty winter and a chilly spring, one just about yearns for the heat and attendant fun of summer. Photographer Krista Long celebrates the arrival of the warm season through her photo series called I Love Summer. In the collection she photographs with high speed settings various people in an undisclosed place in Iowa as they exit a water slide.

high speed photo waterslide

Long captures the precise instant as individuals emerge from the water slide chute. The moment is frozen in time, showing the brief anxiety as they anticipate crashing into the water below. Long’s high-speed images capture the spirit of summer: playful and carefree days of frolicking in the pool.

high speed photography waterslide

The gush of water as its speeds out the waterslide chute along with the torpedo like figures of people also make for quite interesting as well as entertaining high speed images. Nothing announces summer quite like a water slide cued with excited people. Long’s series I Love Summer shows water park visitors in that moment of unbridled delight and self -induced panic right before they hurtle into the refreshing water.

high speed photo portrait waterslide

I Love Summer actually began last summer when Long took day trips with her two daughters to the water parks close to her home in Des Moines, Iowa.  According to Long, one particular slide caught her attention because of the speed it could generate. “People would shoot out real fast and it was a little different than the typical water slide you see,” said Long.

 waterslide high speed photo portrait

Her gear for the series was a Canon 5D Mark II equipped with a Canon 70-200 zoom lens. Her settings were a wide open aperture and a fast shutter speed usually about 1/8000. Long enhances the images in Photoshop to delete a brick background and replaces it with a black backdrop, giving a more sleek appearance.

portrait waterslide high speed photo

At first she would only photograph her daughters and their friends, but eventually she included strangers as they torpedoed out of the slide. “I wanted every little water droplet to stand out and really capture, emphasize and isolate the facial expressions and the body positions,” says Long. “I think it’s so fun just to watch everybody come out of this thing. It is just pure entertainment for me.”

portrait waterslide high speed photo

See her playfully catchy I Love Summer here.

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