Hilarious Photos of Musicians with Rubber Bands Wrapped Around Their Heads

woman with glasses with rubber bands wrapped around face

Those of you who still perhaps remember New Mexico-based photographer Wes Naman and his comical photos of people with their faces amusingly contorted using Scotch tape must be wondering what ever happened to the guy. That photo series went viral on the internet, with viewers finding the side splitting images just absolutely hilarious. For Naman, the hit photo series was double edged because although it brought him recognition, what do you do for an encore? The answer to that question is Rubber Band. As a sequel to the original Scotch Tape series, Rubber Band  uses rubber bands to seriously contort and disfigure faces.

man with rubber bands wrapped around face

There is one twist to this series, however that differentiates it from the original. For the subjects, Naman chose to limit the faces to only those of known Albuquerque bands (as in music bands) while wearing their group’s shirt or that of another band’s.

male musician with rubber bands wrapped around face

The interplay of rubber bands and music bands seemed to be a nice spin for the reprise photo project. The photo series has a comic book quality to the mangled faces, eliciting a grimace or two as one views the series.

man in hat with rubber bands wrapped around face

Naman is hopeful that this new series will get as much popularity and notoriety as the original Scotch Tape concept did. He also is optimistic that in addition to promoting his professional photography career, he hopes Rubber Bands will draw a spotlight and some much needed attention to the booming Albuquerque music scene and its talented musicians, many of which are friends to Naman.

musician in rubber bands

“Even if we get half the viewers we got with Scotch Tape, and even if half of that half listens to the music, it’s still a good way to get it out there,” said Naman of the under exposed talent that is in Albuquerque. “I’m hoping it gives Albuquerque a little bump, the Colbert bump if you will.”

Go visit his website to view Rubber Bands along with its Scotch Tape predecessor.

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