Humorous Photos of Dogs Caught Mid-Lick

pitbull tongue out

Photographer Ty Foster carves a niche in photography by shooting images of our canine friends, and very occasionally some fellow humans. His latest dog related project is simply called Lick, which shows dogs doing one of their favorite pastimes.

dog tongue out

It is not Foster’s first project with the lovable pooches. His previous Unleashed was a portrait compilation with dogs outfitted as famous WWE wrestlers, and Ink, depicted the connection between dogs with tattooed individuals. For his latest collection, Foster got the idea back in March of last year while he was in the midst of shooting a client initiated project. Foster remembers the moment a light bulb went up in his head.

dog lick

I was shooting a project for another client and when running through the images pulling an edit I found myself stopping and laughing at all these dogs and their expressions while licking in studio. These images weren’t intentional but just ‘bloopers’.

pug tongue out

It was then that I thought, ‘these would make a great book!’. We had a few dogs left to photograph for the client so at the end of each session we made sure we shot some intentional images of the dogs licking. We’ve been working on this project since March, it’s been a side project more or less for the better part of the year and we are about half way done retouching the images. There are hopes of creating a book, possibly self publishing with the help from a Kickstarter campaign.”

boxer tongue out

Lick is a work in progress, and Foster is nothing short at amazed by the reception it has gotten so far. The project started out as a simple, uncomplicated portraiture compilation. It was never in Foster’s plans to develop the series in the same way he has with casting calls making blanket invitations to as many dog breeds as possible.

lab tongue out

Foster spoke of some techniques he used for the series,

“Everything we shot was photographed with a 5D Mark II and the 24-70mm L II. That series two lens is a beautiful piece of glass, it’s endured a ton of slobber. As for lighting, we used (3) 500w Bowen Gemini’s and a mix of Bowen and Westcott modifiers.”

boxer tongue out

Lick is ongoing but all the dog lovers out there can see regular updates via Foster’s blog and Facebook. For now, take pleasure in the first portraits comprised of ten dog breeds with their dangling tongues.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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