Humorous Photos of Dogs Dressed Like Humans

hound wearing wig

They say dog owners that endear themselves totally to their canine pets eventually look like them, and vice versa.  The theme of humanizing the physical appearance of dogs has been a long time subject that always has many fans adoring these images. Sebastian Magnani has a slightly different approach on this theme. He adorns different dog breeds with elaborate outfits that complement the dog’s appearance and personality. He playfully created this whimsical portrait series entitled Underdogs that will likely  raise the bar on dog photo shoots.

bulldog wearing wig

The graphic-designer-turned-photographer is rather skillful in capturing the dogs striking deadpan pose. All the canine subjects look remarkably cooperative with the pictorial. He expertly styles the dog’s fur and numerous head accessories to evoke different looks on the animals.  Magnani goes as far as adorning them with sunglasses, hats, and various wigs that lend this series a hilarious touch.

dalmatian wearing wig

He began this project in 2009 with really no other intention but to amuse himself with the images, while enjoying shooting them. The Berne, Switzerland-based photographer has since enjoyed a decent following thanks to Underdogs with a Part 1 and 2 currently viewable. It seems there will be a Part 3 to this fun canine series.

dog wearing human clothes

Sebastian Magnani is a relatively young photographer at 28 years old. He discovered a love for photography while he was undergoing training as a media designer in 2006. After 5 years dabbling as a graphic designer in an advertising agency, he decided in 2011 to indulge his passion for photography seriously, and pursued it as a profession. He has been shooting professionally and works out of Bern Switzerland. Magnani has a wide and diverse taste and currently has projects that deal with advertising, portraits, corporate accounts, reportage and architecture.

dog dressed like human

See a showcase of his work at his website where you will also see Underdogs in its entirety.

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