Hundred-Photo Composites of the Streets of Boston

people in roygbiv clothing

A photographer has ingeniously created a clever mishmash of people and animals passing through selected locations using a smart technique to make the images. Upon initial glance, photographer Pelle Cass‘ series called Selected People seems to depict a rather busy and crowded Boston. Everywhere you look, the streets are teeming with people, some so engrossed in thought that they almost appear oblivious of each other.

birds ducks in pond

Of course, you become suspicious once you know these pictures are part of a series ‘created’ by another shutterbug. Then you begin to realize that what you are looking at is a composite of many pictures. As a matter of fact, it is an amalgamation of hundreds of shots, stitched together digitally.

people walking in park

What Pelle Cass has done is shoot hundreds of pictures of selected public locations, which he then combines using composite techniques to include some or most people he was able to photograph.

people at skating rink

These are composite street photos, done on a more elaborate level. One begins to wonder what pictures you can really trust to be unaltered nowadays, given the ability at which playful photographers can change them.

pets in park

To assemble these scenes, Cass would go out to his pre-selected location within his home city of Boston and would take anywhere between 100-300 shots from the exact spot. Instead of creating a time-lapse video, he brought the images into Photoshop and created totally new pictures by combining selected elements from the different shots.

squirrels on tree

“I’m definitely working in the street photography genre, but I’m doing it in a different way,” said Cass. “When I’m looking through hundreds of pictures I’m definitely looking for visual rhythms. That’s not special to me. Photographers look for that rhythm all the time. But I can control it a bit more.”

streets of boston

The result is a bustling, densely populated world where people are caught in a seemingly busy frenzy. Cass is able to also create some extreme scenarios such as dozens of dogs taking over a park, a duck pond swarming with various bird varieties and a tree that looks like a squirrel’s nest.

boston streets

Cass explains, “I want to get more life, more people, more time, more information, and more subjectivity into my photographs.” That he indeed is able to do with Selected People.

Take a look Boston seen through Cass’ camera here.

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