If Birds Carried Cameras: Photographer Simulates Bird’s Perspective with Composite Images

howard lau

The phrase “bird’s eye view” was surely coined with good reason. Man has always been fascinated with how things look while loftily up in the air, just like our feathered friends. A bird’s ability to fly has also always been symbolic of freedom, “to fly or soar like a bird,” goes the old saying. Photographer Howard Lau explores this theme in his series called Proud Wanderer.

howard lau bird

Seeing the world from another perspective is not only incredible, but also a matchless opportunity that should never be taken for granted. Proud Wanderer by Lau, who is primarily a nature and animal photographer, is a series that puts you as close as possible to the perspective experienced by birds in flight.

bird howard lau

Lau assembles these pictures by merging multiple images together into one seamless composition. The pictures are amazingly credible as they are able to elicit sensations of both amazement and queasiness at the same time, because of the incredible heights. Lau is able to bring his viewers along with him, soaring high up in the sky as part of a flock of birds cavorting in the heavens.

proud wanderer bird howard lau

He gives us a rare opportunity to see the world exactly the way it does through a bird’s eyes. There is a sense of superiority and supremacy that is exuded by these creatures as they defy gravity, flying gracefully in the skies. Lau is able to show them in fine detail, their bodies, legs, beaks, feathers and their all-powerful wings as they are spread in flight.

bird howard lau proud wanderer

Lau says that regardless of the project, he is always guided by one theme. “My goal is still the same no matter what kind of photography that I am into—to tell a story through the lens.” Indeed, he is able to do that in this visual narrative of birds in their element.

See Lau’s Proud Wanderer here.

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Patricia Ramos

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