Images of Felines Morphed with Their Owners in Photo Series ‘Undercats’


Do you agree with the observation of some that pets eventually resemble their owners? Well Sebastian Magnani makes a pretty strong case for that belief. He expresses the idea in graphic terms, creating a series to illustrating just how much an animal can start looking like its master. The series is called Undercat, and underscores that ‘look-alike’ premise of felines and their respective owners.

undercats portrait

It is interestingly playful, morphing pets and masters, as the Swiss photographer skillfully blends the cats with their owner’s likenesses. The cats can be seen wearing shirts, scarves, jewelry and other assorted clothes of their owners, even brooding under hoodies or sporting posh hairstyles.

cat portrait undercats

Magnani uses some of the usual editing tricks to achieve credibility with his morphs. Previously, in a similar series called Underdogs, he used Photoshop extensively to portray dogs in their owners’ clothing. Undercats seems just as painstakingly done.

portrait series undercats

It is claimed that no less than 6-8 hours is required for just one photo. What’s more, Magnani had to go all around Switzerland to photograph the cats along with their owners in the convenience of their homes. It is an amazing series and difficult to forget once you have seen them. Ever wonder what a cat looks like in a helmet? What about a cat wearing a bandanna and dangling earrings? If these images arouse your curiosity, look no further than at Magnani’s Undercats.

undercats photo series

Magnani was born on February 1985 in Brig/Valais, Switzerland and he realized his passion for photography during his training as a media designer in 2006. Five years into a stint as a graphic designer and as part of creatives in an advertising agency, he decided to turn photography into a profession.

photo series cats

Since 2011 he has been working out of Zurich, Switzerland as a professional photographer. He is into all aspects of photography and its range of styles. His work dabbles into many subjects like advertising, music, architecture, portraits, in addition to reportage.

undercats photo series cats

Check out his eclectic body of work in his website.

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