Images of the Tiny, Concentrated Details of Water in Photo Series ‘Faces of Water’

faces of water

Photographer Moses Hacmon has spent the better part of ten years observing water and coming-up with a picture method that captures unseen qualities of this element. His results are nothing short of breathtaking.

moses hacmon photo series

“Capturing a moment in a clear three dimensional space. Allowing us to see the movement and energy flow in water. A familiar landscape, one in which we were conceived,” says the Israeli Hacmon who is currently raising funds to manufacture large framed prints for his Faces of Water art exhibition. Thankfully for us, Hacmon, realizing that we only see the reflections of light on the surface of water, prompted him to make this transparent liquid collection. Hacmon developed an innovative technique to capture the activity actually occurring within the element.

moses hacmon faces of water

With analog film to produce his photos, Hacmon demonstrates to us the power and life that takes place in the tiny, concentrated details of water. He was not able to use any kind of camera that captures light since visible light either cuts directly through water or reflects off its surface.

faces of water moses hacmon

Hacmon came up with an analog method that would work with the substance in its original form. He made a fluid film made out of nanoparticles that hold on to a liquid layer of iron. This registers the water’s movement first, and can be imprinted on any surface and in whichever shape. The outcome is a photographic negative that he then converts into a positive image.

photo series faces of water

Through Faces of Water, he gives his viewers a chance to witness many of the usually overlooked and unseen changes taking place within ordinary agua. The globs of blue shapes set against a black backdrop call to mind a strange sense of the unknown and wonder about water.  The images also immerse us into contemplative thoughts of its essential function as our vital source of life.

faces of water photo series

See his amazing water portraits from the Faces of Water series here.

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