Incredible Aerial Photography Shot from a Helicopter

tom blachford

What happens when you take to the sky with camera in tow over scenic Melbourne? Well ofcourse you would yield spectacular images! That’s quite a no brainer. Of course doing such a pictorial requires some amount of logistics that digresses from your regular photoshoot, most obvious of which is you would need some kind of aircraft to be up in the sky.

Melbourne-based photographer Tom Blachford spends a great deal of time travelling around the globe and he takes advantage of these trips by capturing scenes that are out of this world. Blachford has a keen sense for recognizing unusual shapes from the sky formed by ordinary objects.

tom blachford aerial perspective

His style is minimalistic, characterized by clean aesthetic lines with an inclination for architecture. Blachford photographed these amazing images from an open-door chopper. He traverses the skies of Melbourne in a helicopter and photographs what catches his creative eye down below.

tom blachford aerial perspective

From a container van lot, sailboats moored, a crowded beach to a packed bicycle parking space, Blachford is able to turn these images that look farthest from anything artsy when observed from the ground, into delightful images observed from an aerial perspective. The world is totally transformed as we see it from above.

aerial photo tom blachford

Rows of parked cars look like toys, and surfers waiting for a break look like tiny toy people on inviting green waters. Blachford shoots the recurring patterns and shapes of activity throughout Melbourne. On aerial photography, Blachford spoke of the visual advantages from that unique perspective, “I saw another side to everything.

tom blachford aerial photography

Some buildings I would never think of shooting from the ground may have had incredible patterned roofs or arrays of panels that created amazing patterns. Some amazing buildings I love to shoot from the ground were a mess of cables and units from above.”

aerial photography tom blachford

Visit his website to see his incredible aerial images along with his other work.

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