Incredible Macro Photography of Tiny Spiders Staring Directly at You


Monstrosities are sometimes a matter of perception, and even more so of visual perspective. Photographer Jimmy Kong demonstrates this as he has captures an amazing series of macro photos showing spiders that are staring directly into the camera with their bulbous eyes. If you did not know that these were tiny little spiders, one could swear that these creatures were straight out of some sci-fi movie writer’s imagination.

macro spider

Our common spiders are oxygen breathing arthropods that are endowed with eight legs and chelicerae with fangs that can inject venom, which is the legitimate reason behind their lethal reputation. They are the biggest among arachnids and are considered seventh in total species variety and multiplicity among all other groups of organisms.

macro spider

Spiders can be found all over the globe on every continent, except for one place, Antarctica. Estimates have it that as of 2008, at least 43,678 spider species as well as 109 families are known to taxonomists, but there has been disagreement inside scientific community circles as to how all these families should be classified, based on the more than 20 different classifications that have been put forward since the turn of the century in 1900.

spider macro photo

Kongs series is an amazingly close look at these nimble anthropods. Up close and personal, they can be described by anything but the word pretty. Looking very much the way we envision hairy aliens from a hostile planet, these tiny spiders stare with their giant, piercing eyes. Imagine the fear they may be capable of striking into the hearts of other insects that are threatened in size, or if these spiders were actually the size of say, your average dog. Yikes!

macro photo spider

Kong did an incredible job depicting these cold stares shooting exotic spiders in his native Malaysia. As a matter of fact these images are just a fraction of his macro work where insects are the subject matter. The next time you encounter any one of these little creatures at home or in the garden, remember these pictures. You might decide to take a more cautious approach around these ugly little things.

spider closeup

See Kong’s macro work of spiders and other tiny little creatures from the animal kingdom here.

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Patricia Ramos

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