Incredible Photos of Mountaineers Scaling the Swiss Alps

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Hundreds of mountaineers recently pulled together their efforts to create one of the most ambitious climbs. To document their hard work, Swiss mountaineering photographer Robert Bösch in collaboration with Swiss mountaineering outfitter Mammut were there as dozens of mountaineers staged some truly jaw-dropping photos. The work is nothing short of magnificent, requiring precise coordination and photographic skill.

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Staged and shot on the famous Matterhorn in the Pennine Alps, a gathering of climbers placed red lights to light up the path taken by English explorer Edward Whymper and his team over a century ago in 1865, when they became the first people to climb the Matterhorn. All outfitted in red gear, this assemblage of climbers looked absolutely awesome as a massive group of collective guts and talent.

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The preparation, development and distribution of tasks that was needed for this image was nothing short of overwhelming. With time and weather not exactly on their side, Bösch and the team did a yeoman’s job to make certain they captured the best possible photographs that appropriately honored those who journeyed the mountains before, while spurring on those who will journey in the future. It is after all the 150th anniversary of that initial ascent by Whymper and his team.

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Mammut, on the other hand saw a brilliant opportunity to brand their 2015 ad campaign. Hence, a mammoth team of mountain climbers ascended the Matterhorn’s Hörnli ridge and lit bright red lights. It was done at daybreak, and is guaranteed to make your hair stand from its sheer idea and audacity.

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Robert Bösch, is also a mountain guide who holds a masters in geography acquired from the University of Zürich. He has worked for more than 3 decades as a freelance photographer, specializing in outdoor, action and landscape work. His photographs have graced publications for industry, advertising and media journals. He has also published many photographs in books, catalogues, magazines and newspapers, such as Stern, Geo, Spiegel, National Geographic, just to name a few.

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You can visit his website to see the Matterhorn image along with his other works.

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