Incredible Photos of Water Drops with Reflected Images

dave wood

The astonishing collection of images called Water Drops by British photographer Dave Wood is so simple in concept but beautiful in result. Wood very simply shoots some astounding macro images of multicolored photos by capturing the world through mirrored reflection as they bounce off humble drops of water. The whole Water Drops collection can be viewed on his website.

dave wood macro photos

Droplet or a drop of water is a tiny column of liquid, bounded totally or almost completely by free surfaces. A drop or droplets could form whenever liquid builds up at the lower end of a tube or other surface boundary, thus creating a hanging drop called a pendant drop, which are what we see in Wood’s images.

dave wood macro photographer

Drops may also be produced through the condensation of vapor or by atomization of a bigger mass of liquid. The typical shape of a drop or droplets with a pointy end in its upper side emanates from the observation of a droplet clinging to a surface.

dave wood macro photography

The form of a drop falling through a gas is in fact more or less that of a spherical one. Bigger drops or droplets have a tendency to be flatter on the lower part due to the pressure of the gas they pass through. Indeed as can be seen in Water Drops, there is the typical appearance of droplets, but Woods has also demonstrated that this often ignored occurrence can come in a myriad of shapes and colors.

dave wood macro photo

Woods began tinkering with photography in September 2009 after using a borrowed Nikon from a friend. These days his passion for photography is akin to an addiction, according to the young Brit.  He likes doing Macro work and water drops is a specific favorite. The talented photographer hails from Bury, but is currently based in Manchester, England.

macro dave wood

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