Incredible Portraits of Colorful Siamese Fighting Fish

siamese fighting fish

Photographer Visarute Angkatavanich created an amazing series of images depicting the mighty Siamese fighting fish, showcasing the species’ incredible colors as well as luscious fins. The Siamese fighting fish, simply known as the betta in the West, is a tiny fish that traces its origins from the rice paddies of Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

macro siamese fighting fish

Siamese fighting fish has been bred since the 19th century for their lavish appearance in addition to their territorial nature. Fights instigated by betting fish owners almost always results in the demise of one of the Siamese fish fighters. When not dueling to the death, the fish are coveted for their extravagant fins and colors. Adept breeders are capable of isolating specific hues as well as fin varieties, even able to breed metallic-looking specimens.

red siamese fighting fish

Angkatavanich’s photographs are straightforward and professionally spotless, using black or white backgrounds behind the fish that highlights their incredible hues while making them seem suspended in air. Angkatavanich was student of advertising before going off on a career as a commercial photographer. He says that photographing fish is his real passion. “I love to take their motion in many ways of lighting to show their elegant pose,” he remarked, admiring the flamboyant species. “’When I was young, my father gave me some goldfish, guppy and Siamese fighting fish” recalls Angkatavanich.

pair of siamese fighting fish

“A few years ago I went to pet market and saw so many betta fish mutants from those I saw when I was young. Those are my inspiration for this photo set.” As anyone can see the dazzling colors and long, generous flowing fins make the Siamese fighting fish one of the most well-known aquarium dwellers. A caveat to prospective Siamese fish owners; always separate the males from each other, as their aggression can intantly turn deadly against other fish. The ferocious species can be found in the waters of ditches, ponds, floodplains, rice fields and rivers when in its natural habitat.

two siamese fighting fish

See the kaleidoscope of colors and shapes of this incredible fish here.

black and white siamese fighting fish

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