Incredible Shots of Central Park Blanketed in Snow

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Snow in Central Park shot by Dina Litovsky shows images of the usually bustling park all covered in snow. Central Park which is typically full of outdoor activity, life and vivid colors, looks more like an arctic wasteland, devoid of the usual action we associate with this famous location.

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This past winter has thrown quite a few curved balls, and it certainly has not spared New York City. Estimates peg the volume of snow at over a foot and Litovsky braved Mother Nature to capture it all with her camera. She shot some incredible shots that will surely have a lot of us talking about the blistery winter of 2014 for a while.

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While the images are certainly not what we are used to, they also depict a beautiful park that looks much like the proverbial winter wonderland oft mentioned in songs. It is a stark departure from the many vibrant colors that typify the place, with the snow covered trees and various structures all covered in white.

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Formerly from the Ukraine, Litovsky transferred to the Big Apple over 20 years ago.  In all those two decades the sight of a snow covered Central Park was something to behold.”I realized that I’ve never seen Central Park in the snow in all these years. It was pretty magical there, I expected it to be scenic but [I] was just overwhelmed by how gorgeous everything was,” said Litovsky.

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The polar vortex has certainly left an indelible mark on the winter of 2014, and images like these ones shot by Litovsky will undoubtedly be emerging, not just of Central Park, but from other places where the arctic cold made its chilly presence felt.  It is without doubt going to be a winter that will be talked about and referenced for its record breaking numbers for many years to come.

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See Litovsky’s Snow in Central Park images here.

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