Incredible Time-Lapse Video of 150,000 Photos Shows the Gentle, Graceful Existence of Corals

Australia based Daniel Stoupin spared no effort and made no short cuts to shoot his corals time-lapse, Slow Life. It is made-up of 150,000 22 megapixel RAW shots, and the majority of them needed to be stacked in groups of 3 to 12 in order to create the required depth of field.

macro time-lapse

According to Stoupin it took three weeks to determine this tremendous amount of data, and he worked nine months on the short but breathtaking three and a half-minute time lapse video, which many netizens are calling one of the finest ever produced.

coral timelapse

Many of us, bar none, will ever get a chance to observe a coral reef this intimately, and that includes sea divers. Throw in climate change and other dangers to nature, and corals are always high up there in any endangered short-list.  With the intent to bring awareness of the beauty of corals and sponges, University of Queensland PhD student Stoupin took over 150,000 photos of these astounding marine organisms and painstakingly stitched together Slow LifeThe brief but beautiful video captures their extremely slow, gentle and graceful movements.

sponge time-lapse

Stoupin shares with us some thoughts on the project.

“Time lapse cinematography reveals a whole different world full of hypnotic motion and my idea was to make coral reef life more spectacular and thus closer to our awareness. I had a bigger picture in my mind for my clip. But after many months of processing hundreds of thousands of photos and trying to capture various elements of coral and sponge behavior I realized that I have to take it one step at a time. For now, the clip just focuses on beauty of microscopic reef “landscapes.” The close-up patterns and colors of this type of fauna hardly resemble anything from the terrestrial environments. Corals become even less familiar if you consider their daily “activities.”

aquatic sea creatures time-lapse macro

See more of his work on his website here.

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