Incredibly Important Composition Skills Ebook

Composition is a crucial factor in making your images sing. Get it wrong and you are likely to remain just a good photographer. The goal, for most, I imagine is to be great at what you do. Even after 18 years in this business, I came away learning so much about the use and sometimes abuse of composition. Indeed, what Lauren and Rob have done is break it all down elegantly and free of the jargon found in stuffy photography books. I recommend it to those starting out in photography and to those who like me have been at it for a very long time.” – Seshu,

Hi there! I’m Lauren – a passionate photographer and head ninja here at Photography Concentrate. I teach photography to more than 100,000 people every month. And I’ve spent the past 5 years helping photographers learn in only a few hours what normally takes people years.

Do you want to take better photos? Who doesn’t, right? So the question I get all the time is: “What’s the number one thing I can do to make my photos stand out? I see great scenes, but I can’t always turn them into interesting photos!”

Can you guess what I say?

(Hint: I don’t tell them to upgrade their gear.)

I tell them that the answer to better photos is composition.

See, building composition skills is the fastest and most lasting way to create amazing images. But learning about composition can be frustrating. The information out there is vague and confusing. And it never leaves you feeling like you really know how to create great photos.

Composition Skills ebook

Composition needs to be taught a better way. That’s why I’ve created Incredibly Important Composition Skills. You’ll get the theory without the fluff. And you’ll knowhow to put it into action, easily, no matter where you are or what you’re shooting. It’s a practical, no-nonsense way for you to gain real skills. Skills you’ll use for the rest of your life!

And even better, you’re going to have so much fun! I’ve filled this multi-media tutorial with photos, illustrations, videos and exercises, so that you’ll have a blast no matter whether you like to learn by seeing, reading or doing. Ready to get composition superpowers? Let’s go!
Composition Skills ebook

Here’s Why Composition Can Make or Break a Photo (And a Photographer)

How would you feel if your favorite author suddenly decided to stop organizing the words in her books in the right order? Pretty darn confused, right? You’d quickly give up on her impossible book, and probably on her too. Now think about your photography…

Like the author, you’re a communicator, only you deal with images instead of words. You need to organize your images purposefully if you don’t want them to end up ignored. But…how?

Composition Tips

Enter composition! See, people tend to view images in predictable ways. And once you discover these patterns, you can use them to your advantage, to create photos that communicate your message – an idea, a memory, a feeling – and look amazing too!

To unlock the secrets of composition you need to put together all the pieces: the elements, the techniques, and the decisions. Here’s how you’ll do that…

Composition Techniques

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Step 1: Discover the “Elements” of Composition And See the World in a New Way!

Think about your favourite photo. You probably first visualize the subject, because they’re the important part, right? But now think about all the other bits and pieces of visual information that make up that photo. Things like the lighting, the shapes, the lines, and colors.

These are compositional elements.

And here’s the crazy thing: they often have more impact on your image than the subject itself! These elements influence where your viewer looks and the feeling they take away. Whether or not you take advantage of it is up to you.

So the first step to better communication with your viewer is to understand what all of the visual elements are, and what they do for composition.

When you get Incredibly Important Composition Skills you’ll first learn about the fundamental elements – those that will show up in almost every photo, and can make or break your image.

Fundamental ElementsSpot the elements

Then we’ll cover the secondary elements. These ones may not be in every scene you shoot, but if you keep an eye out for them, you can start creating photos that will really stand out.

When you’ve finished learning this stuff, you’ll start seeing the world in a whole new way, and suddenly become aware of how everything in your photo can influence the message.

Expressions and Poses ebook

Step 2: Then, Learn 7 Essential Techniques for Composing Incredible Images

Knowing about the elements is the first step. But that’s not enough. You also need to know how to arrange them in your photo. In the tutorial you’ll learn 7 essential compositional techniques – practical ways of organizing the elements in your frame to create stunning images.

You know how certain photos just feel right? That comes from something called “balance”, and is a technique that every photographer needs to have in their tool belt. We’re going to discuss three different ways to bring balance to your photos. We’re also going to show you how to break with convention, and create images that have tension and drama!

Composition Tips, Photography Techniques

I’ll also show you how to use layers to draw your viewer into the photo, and make them feel like they were right there in the scene with you. This is a super powerful way to engage your audience, and you’ll be itching to get out and start trying it!

You’ll even discover how to use different elements in the scene to get your viewers to look where you want them to, in the right order. You’ll be in total control!

Visual Paths

Step 3: Next, Get Our Simple 8-Step Process and Remember How to Compose Winning Images, Every Time

What good is theory if you don’t know how to actually use it while you’re out taking photos? Not good! And that’s why I’ll hook you up with an easy 8-step process that will help you make better compositions every time you take a photo.

See, before you press the shutter, you make a series of decisions. Stuff like which aperture to use, where to stand, and when to press the shutter. You might not have thought about them as decisions that impact your composition, but as you’ll learn in this tutorial, each one has a big role to play.

Composition - Chairs

For example, where you stand seems like a pretty simple decision. But where you place your feet – what point of view you take – can completely change the entire scene. Even a small step to either side can make the difference between an image that works, and one that falls flat.

Take a look at this example. A simple change in my point of view created two totally different compositions. The lines of the towel go from vertical to diagonal, the triangle of the missing piece is more prominent in the first. There are also big differences in the amount of empty space, the predominant colour, and the visible textures.


With the 8-step process you’ll get in this tutorial you’ll be able to put everything you’ll learn about composition into action. You won’t be left wondering what’s next. You’ll have a simple step-by-step approach that will let you make great decisions, and create great photos.

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What you’ll learn in this book:

  • What composition REALLY is, why it matters and how it’s created.
  • The magic of your camera’s frame. It transforms what our eyes normally see!
  • The surprising importance of aspect ratios and how they affect every shot you take.
  • Why the 12 compositional elements are essential ingredients to your photograph’s success.
  • The 4 characteristics of light that will let you make sense of any lighting situation and know how it will affect your composition.
  • Learn how different types of lines change where your viewer looks, and how your photo feels.
  • How to use color to create harmony and contrast, make other colors pop, direct your viewer’s attention, and more! Get ready to discover the seriously cool world of color theory!
  • The power of adding depth to your image, and exactly how to do it.
  • How to use frames to bring your viewer’s gaze right where you want it.
  • Tips on how to effectively use movement in your photo to add energy.
  • Learn to add fascinating details with textures, patterns and reflections.

Composition ebook sample

  • How to use expressions and poses to strengthen your composition.
  • The 7 compositional techniques that will help you take great images anywhere.
  • Why the Rule of Thirds is one of the easiest ways to create a pleasing photo.
  • How to use negative space to create dramatic images that put the focus to your subject.
  • What it means for an image to be balanced, and 3 ways to bring balance your photos.
  • How to create visual paths that will lead your viewer on an adventure around your image.
  • Learn to use conceptual and visual contrast to create a deeper viewing experience.
  • 4 techniques for simplifying a busy scene, and bringing the focus where you want it to be.
  • Discover how to combine the theory and technique to take awesome photos with our simple 8-step process.
  • How simple decisions that you might not even think about (like where to stand and what orientation you use) can make or break your composition.
  • Learn how to make technical choices – like aperture, focal length and shutter speed – that work to your composition’s advantage.
  • 5 common composition mistakes you probably don’t know you’re making, and concrete ways to fix them. Stop losing great photos to silly composition errors!
  • How different types of cropping impact your composition. Save yourself from heartbreak when it comes time to print.
  • The science behind why certain techniques just seem to work.
  • And a whole lot more!

eBook: Composition Tips and Techniques

Here’s Everything You Get:

  • This multi-media tutorial gives you everything you need to know to become a composition superhero and start taking better photos, today! Here’s what comes with your copy:
    • A beautiful 225-page PDF eBook that you’ll want to look through year after year.
    • Over 300 original photographs and illustrations so you can see the concepts in action.
    • 10 simple exercises that help you build your composition skills. You’ll be a stronger photographer before you even finish reading the book!
    • Easy-to-understand language that’s fun! Reading your copy will make you feel like you’re chatting over coffee with your photographer friend (that’s me!).
    • Unique internet browser-like navigation makes it easy to find your way around when you want to review.
    • SWEET BONUS #2: You’ll also get 7  bonus videos where you’ll just see how techniques and theory come together to create a strong composition. (A $25 value – FREE!)
    • SWEET BONUS #1: I’m also giving you the Incredibly Important Composition Skills Field Guide, a printable pocket guide to keep in your camera bag. Remember those tips and tricks easily, while you’re out shooting! (A $15 value – FREE!)

Get the ebook for just $49.95!
***LAUNCH SALE ON NOW! Save 30% – Only $34.96!!***

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