Ingenious Concept Camera Splits into Two Pieces

split camera

A designated family photographer can easily be identified just by looking at pictures of common events and milestones. If you find someone oddly missing in the images consistently, chances are, that absent person was the photographer.  It is every shutterbug’s fate to be missing in his own images, whether they are taken from friends or family events. Inevitably, you unwittingly are left out of the greater part of most picture albums. Well, one person sought to address this photographer’s dilemma. A student came up with the idea of two cameras in one, capable of taking two separate but simultaneous images. The result is both subject and photographers having dual roles. The photographer is also a subject, while the subject is also a photographer.

This simple concept camera achieves that by splitting in two, allowing both subject and photographer to take a picture at the same moment. The gadget is aptly called The Duo. It is a concept camera conceived by Innovation Design Engineering student Chin-Wei Liao. Liao is currently enrolled at the Royal College of Art in London.

duo camera concept

He describes the idea behind the concept in his website, saying,

“When browsing through old photos, we have stronger memory connection and emotion projection while seeing photos with ourselves inside. However, documenting the presence of self is not an easy task. And there is usually one person has to be excluded from photos taken in social events.

‘DUO’ is a separable camera with synchronised triggers to captures the moment. It invites people to engage the photo-taking process. By being both photographer and subject at the same time, it enables people to have fun documenting and being documented.”

test shots duo camera

The concept camera is a rectangular shaped cube that splits in half into two smaller square shaped cubes. These two separate boxes are the two cameras that form the ‘duo.’ There are two buttons on each half, one is the shutter, while the other activates the dual camera mode. When you depress either shutter, both cameras take a picture.

camera halved

camera half

Visit Chin-Wei Liao’s website to learn more about the The Duo and its inventive concept.

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