Innovative Series Blends Movie Scenes and Video Games with Real Life Situations


French photographer François Dourlen blends movie scenes and video games with real life situations in his innovative concept series

The great thing about creativity is it has no boundaries. French photographer François Dourlen has both a creative mind and perhaps too much spare time on his hands. Dourlen matches some iconic images taken from popular movies, stores them on his iPhone and very creatively blends these visuals with everyday scenes. The results are actually quite remarkable as he juxtaposes scenes from video games and movies with some otherwise mundane backgrounds.

francois-dourlen-000 francois-dourlen-001 francois-dourlen-002 francois-dourlen-003

What Dourlen does is save the famous scenes to his phone, and then he looks for a real life scenario that will match, creating a new backdrop. Sounds a bit silly, but see for yourself.  Dourlen has John Travolta riding in the front passenger seat, Super Mario jumping off his backyard trash bin, and even Leo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet riding the bow of a moored yacht. It’s definitely a playful, fun series that can get your own imagination going with possible scenes you could create yourself. How often do you get to see Pamela Anderson from Baywatch on the beach, or Bruce Willis from Die Hard crawling out of a garden variety microwave oven? What about Disney’s the Lion King perched on a rock, the guy from The Big Lebowski walking along the milk section in a supermarket aisle, Edward Scissorhands in your kitchen dicing meat, or a real ghoulish zombie crawling in your backyard?

francois-dourlen-005 francois-dourlen-006 francois-dourlen-007 francois-dourlen-009 francois-dourlen-008

One of these days while in your daily routine at the mall, the gas station or the grocery store, you might fantasize and think up equally ridiculous situations. Dourlen surely can’t be blamed for lacking any imagination as can obviously be seen in this unnamed series. He is wonderfully imaginative and one cannot help but take note of the simplicity of the idea, but which does not in any way detract from the amusing the results. Dourlen scores some very high marks in the innovative meter with this collection. View his hybrid images here.

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Attila Kun

Attila Kun

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