Photo Series ‘Cut Food’ Documents Food Cross-Sections

ice cream container cross section

It’s not that we dwell much on the subject, nor do we wonder much about this topic. However, while we are at it, how many of us has ever wondered how a cross section of what we normally eat looks like? Well, thanks to food stylist Charlotte Omnes and New York still life and food photographer Beth Galton, we are taken into this rarely visited world of food cross sections. What began as a photo shoot of a halved, humble Mexican burrito, led to this inspired, full blown exploration into the realm of “middle edibles.” Playful, whimsical, and unusual, it is interesting to see everyday food in way that thru simple halving reveals a much more embellished image.

cereals and milk cross section

cup noodles cross section

hard boiled eggs cross section

donuts and coffee cross section

bowl of noodles cross section

donuts and coffee cross section

Galton recently spoke about the project in an interview with Imaging Resource saying,

“Normally for a job, we photograph the surface of food, occasionally taking a bite or a piece out, but rarely the cross section of a finished dish. By cutting these items in half we move past the simple appetite appeal we normally try to achieve and explore the interior worlds of these products.”

hard boiled eggs cross section

The series tackles a look into a variety of edibles from the soupy, gooey to solid staples we eat every day. Shooting the solid food was relatively simple, as they held their shapes even when cut in the middle. The donuts The trickier shots were those with liquid ingredients.Galton and Omnes had to get inventive, so they resorted to gelatin to solidify the liquid in the soup and used Kitchen Bouquet to splash color to the tidbits of food in the noodle dish. They also enlisted the help of retoucher Daniel Hurlburt for some adjustments to the elements in some of the more complicated shots such as the shot below of the coffee being poured.

While the project is deemed complete, there is chatter that part 2 may be forthcoming.

See the entire series in both Galton‘s and Omnes‘ websites.

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