Beautiful Photographs Depict Underwater Dream Sequences

susanna majuri underwater portraits

Susanna Majuri is a remarkable fine arts photographer, as clearly evidenced by her images of dreamy escape. Majuri captures surreally exquisite scenes underwater. Thru her pictures, she takes the viewer on a fantasy-like journey, with creatures such as birds, bears and villages occupying her imagery.

underwater fine art photography susanna majuri

Majuri’s central subjects are mainly young women; their bodies floating and suspended, with their faces obscured by the translucent waters. Her models are expertly directed as they drift with an ease, hovering in their liquid surroundings, despite having to hold their breath while submerged in water. The fine arts trained Majuri presents her subjects in dreamlike scenes, with underlying narratives.

susanna majuri underwater fine art photography

Her images convey a subconscious dimension that is compatible with many dreams we experience. “My heart beats wildly when I can feel the presence of surprises,” says Majuri, “my challenge is to see reality in a non-traditional light. When I am shooting pictures, I have a premonition that something strange is about to happen.” Many of her elegant photographs look deceivingly like impressionist paintings, fooling the viewer’s eyes whether or not they are looking at a photograph or a painting.

underwater fine art photography

Majuri is also generous with her thoughts on one of her main themes which is water. “The water is the most remarkable. It carries bodies. Water is colour. The shimmer and the deep green. My challenge is to see the reality in a non-traditional light. When I am shooting pictures, I have a premonition that something strange is about to happen.”

fine art photography

Majuri is a fine arts photographer born in Helsinki, Finland in 1978. She graduated from the Turku Art Academy in 2004 and holds a Master of Arts in photography from Helsinki University of Art and Design. She has had exhibitions in Tokyo, New York, as well as various places in Europe. Majuri won the photography prize Gras Savoye Award in Arles, France in 2005 and is part of the photographic movement Helsinki School. She currently resides and works in Helsinki, Finland.

fine art photography underwater

susanna majuri

underwater fine art photography

View her distinctive work here.

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