Interesting Images Mirrored from Ubiquitous Street Puddles

street reflections

Photographer Manuel Plantin, who also goes by the name Yodamanu, is on to something. Apparently, the French lensman has stumbled onto a trick that involves those ubiquitous little street puddles. Thanks to a keen eye as well as a fertile, creative mind, he uses the reflections off these puddles as images for his upside-down photography.  It is both a collection of mirrored images on the puddles, as well as inverted perspectives of pedestrians and street action in general.

street reflections umbrella

Seeing the reflected images, one immediately calls to mind the Impressionistic style of painting, as popularized by masters of the medium like Monet, Renoir, Pissarro and Degas. What typifies Impressionism for people these days is both a combination of the subject matter and technique. Scenes from modern suburban and urban and life as well as landscapes painted in pure, bright, colors are characteristic of the style.

street reflections yodamanu

Yodamanu’s series derived from mirrored images from street puddles takes the name Reflections, and quite credibly looks very much like paintings done in the Impressionist style.

reflections by yodamanu

He had this to say of his ongoing series,

“It’s fun trying because it’s challenging to frame something upside down while you focus ‘upside up’ – you have to try to see what I mean. For those who wonder, there’s not much editing in it either, with strong contrast lenses, a bit of saturation, the occasional weirdness of the Leica M8 sensor and you’re good to go.”

upside down street reflections

Yodamanu hardly uses any post processing on the shots, capturing just about everything in camera. Impressionist painting usually involves relatively small, thin, but visible brush strokes, open composition, a stress on precise representation of light in its altering qualities, commonplace subjects, unusual visual angles and inclusion of perceived movement.

manuel plantin

Yodamanu’s Reflections certainly have these qualities, with the water acting as his main artistic agent, creating indistinct but definite shapes and figures in colors that are slightly muted. It is the intention of Yodamanu to engage people into examining reality as well as perception from a different angle.

city streets yodamanu

See his distinctly unique Reflections here.

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