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Light effects are just about as versatile as the imagination. The possibilities are endless. This is what Brazilian photographer Hid Saib discovered as he played around with some neon effects on people’s faces. Hid Saib used tiny flecks of vivid neon paint and decorated the faces as well as shoulders of the subjects in his portraits.

Neon photography by Hid Saib

How do you come up with your concepts?

It’s always interesting to work on new and unique concepts. I’m particularly interested in those that deal with criticisms of society and existing subjects because I feel that it adds value and meaning to a project. Another thing I like to do is incorporate bold colors into my images. Working with new people adds another dimension to my images as well.

Neon Photography by Hid Saib

What has been your favorite project/photo series so far?

It’s hard to say because I like all my work, but my recent Neon project has been getting a lot of positive feedback, so that was a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed working with such vibrant colors.

Neon Portrait - Hid Saib

How would you classify your photography style?

All my works are based on my personal experiences. I try to create concepts that involve art, and I try to always include a special element that grabs the attention of the viewer just like with the Neon project with its glow in the dark colors. I love experimenting with different things and I’m really happy with how this project turned out.

Hid Saib - Neon Photography

Do you have a favorite subject to shoot?

Capturing a person’s style, expression and personality is something I enjoy doing. My favourite would have to be portrait photography.

Neon Photography - Face

Can you walk us through your lighting setup in ‘Neon’?

The photoshoot took place in my photography studio. I positioned some black lights around the model with a few other light sources, both natural and artificial, as well so as not to let the photo be completely dark. This created a milder lighting effect. I also put some white cloth to bounce the black light off of to create different lighting effects on the subjects.

Neon Paint Face

How much post-processing work went into your ‘Neon’ photo series or was it mostly achieved in-camera?

I like getting the direct result straight out of camera so I’m not held hostage by the results I can produce on the computer. I would rather achieve most of my final image in-camera. I try to minimize the editing on my photos as much as possible. The most I do is make small enhancements, but even then they are negligible in my opinion.

Neon Photography Lips - Hid Saib

Your ‘Imperfection’ photo series feels very raw and emotional. What message are you trying to convey through your photos?

In “Imperfection”, my idea is that a lot of people have become too obsessed with plastic surgery and creating a ‘perfect’ image of themselves that they end up looking even more artificial after having gone through so many cosmetic procedures.

Neon Face Photography

I noticed that you shoot a lot of portraits. If you had to choose a favorite lens for shooting portraits, what would it be?

I really like the photos of this model, because of the intensity of her stare and the colors reflected on her face. I’m also quite proud of this photo.

Neon Photography by Hid Saib

Do you have any upcoming projects that we should watch out for?

For my next project I’m focusing on drawing more attention to children. Many people like to have a photo of a child, with a cheerful smile and innocent look, and I want to be able to capture all those expressions in my new project called “Neonzinhos” (in English “Neon kids”). You can also follow my Facebook page because I come up with new projects every so often.

Neon Eyes - Hid Saib Photography


Since his early teenage years, Hid has tried to express his perspective of the world through his photographic works. With the help of some creativity and experimentation, he has developed a style that is both charming and expressive.

In high school, he was always tasked with documenting special moments with his class and friends. As he immersed himself more into his craft, it became apparent that photography was more than just a passing fancy to him. His next step was to take up photography in a more formal setting.

Hid Saib Photographer
Hid Saib

Hid’s work steadily gained popularity after he released “Faces”, “Scraps”, “Uneven”, and “Colorless”, which were his photographic assignments while attending University.

In 2010, Hid’s “Desigual” was awarded Best in INTERCOM Photo Essay in Caxias do Sul -RS. His work was also featured in Buenos Aires during the Sexual and Gender Diversity Festival.

Hid’s other projects, “Colorless”, “Imperfection”, and “Neon” were also well-received and featured on various websites such as Hypeness and Earth Portal.

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