Interview with Worldwide Photographer Rosie Hardy

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Where do you get your ideas from?

I get inspiration from all sorts of things! My ideas are built up from a catalogue of images I have in my head that I’ve seen from all sorts of places, magazines, blogs and all over. The ideas come from that and are coupled with what’s going on for the shoot. If it’s a client then I’ll be inspired by their work or their personalities and try to match and demonstrate this in their photos.

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Do you have any formal training in photography?

I don’t have any formal training in Photography but a lot of trial and error and experience. I think photography is something that you can teach yourself very easily, and you can pick up so much information out there online that not having a degree shouldn’t matter.

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I remember your 365 Days collection being a huge hit on Flickr. Which one of those self-portraits is your favorite and why?

I’d say even though it’s not my best work, this one had the most meaning to it. It’s about my alopecia and feeling ugly when I grew up, it’s sort of a letter to myself. ‘It’s hard being ugly, sister’

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When shooting, do you already have the final image in your head, or do you make it up as you go along?

I don’t necessarily have the final shot in mind, but I think of the themes and the mood that I’ll be going for and then sort of create that within the environment I’m shooting. But shoots can always change from the original concept if I’m inspired by the location or the model or different factors on the day – eg, expecting sunshine and getting rain!

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What do you usually have in your camera bag when shooting weddings?

I always shoot weddings with my 5D Mark II and often use a 50mm 1.4, I also carry 85mm 1.2, a tiltshift which is 45mm 2.8 and a 24-70 for group shots!

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What’s your favourite photo that you’ve ever taken?

My favourite photo ever would have to be this one, ‘Sometimes you have to let go’ because it was created just after I’d broken up with my boyfriend and came back to England. At first I wanted this photo to be about the butterflies you get for someone leaving, but it sort of translated to those butterflies comforting me during the time.

girl covered in blue butterflies

On average, how long does it take you to shoot and process a photo?

It completely depends on the photo really. For something like a conceptual based image, like the ones from my 365 project it could take anywhere from 1 to about 4 hours. So it’s pretty dependant on how much work the image needs and how indecisive I am on the day!

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How does a photoshoot usually go for you? What do your clients say when you ask them to get in the water, for example?

I would say that the majority of people book me for the fact they know their pictures will be a little different, so they expect strange requests. I think the only time that people are surprised is when I’ve booked them for a shoot and not really explained it well enough. But people trust me to deliver interesting and out there photos, so for that to happen, clients need to be willing to do some interesting things!

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Is there anything you wish you were better at?

Responding to e-mails!! My main passion is photography and taking the photos, so it’s difficult to remind myself to do the other business-y things that go along with that.

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In your blog, you mentioned making your client work your personal work. Do you have any advice for people struggling with this?

People and clients book me for my style of work, so I never worry about what people will think of the concepts I put forward to them. I try and think of obvious concepts for the client work to start with, just to set my mind going, but then I’ll plan and expand and look for inspiration and begin to tweak and develop ideas. I think this is the only way to get something original, but something that still remains true to your style and your body of work.

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About Rosie Hardy

Rosie Hardy is a photographer based in Derbyshire, UK. She first got into photography when she was 16 years old and hasn’t stopped since. Her career took off when her Project 365 self-portraits on Flickr garnered so much attention that bigger clients such as the popular band Maroon 5 contacted her for their album cover. Other clients include Samsung (UK), Universal Music Group, Penguin Book Publishers (USA) and more. She currently offers the following photography services: modeling portfolios, fashion/editorial photography, musician photography/album artwork, hotel photography, retouching services, weddings, engagements and many others. To view the complete list, visit this page.

To see more of Rosie’s work, visit her website and Flickr. Those interested in learning more about her post-processing techniques can purchase her online tutorials.

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