Intimate Photo Series Documents the Beauty of Adoption

kate parker

For many who are able to conceive, the alternative of adoption is something they will never have to consider. Adoption has been an option to parenthood that has opened so many doors for those otherwise not able to be with child.  While there is no biological connection in such a relationship, the bond between parent and child is no less powerful and intense. Kate T. Parker documents the beauty of adoption in her collection called Blended.

kate parker blended

The series records all the intimate and candid moments of Sam, her newly adopted nephew. Parker shares with us some touching moments, as she trains her camera on the littlest and newest member of her extended family, the adorable tiny infant boy.

kate parker blended photo series

In Blended, Parker highlights the splendor of adoption as experienced from the perspective of her sister.

“Blended follows the journey of Sam, my nephew, from the day he was born and adopted into the unbelievably excited arms of my sister and brother-in-law as well as the rest of our extended family,” says Parker. “We are so in love with this amazing little man who has brought such joy into our lives. There are so many wonderful and interesting things I am documenting, the power of love, the agonizing wait (and then elation) of adoption, the welcoming of another life into our clan, and what it means to be a biracial family.”

baby kate parker blended

There is absolutely nothing surprising about the way the child and mother as well as the other children bond together in the series. It is the usual tenderness that we all experience at some time as we care for a younger sibling or our own children.

baby boy

What stands out in Blended is the obvious dissimilarity in race, with a mainly Caucasian looking brood, and baby Sam distinctly of African American extraction. Race and color, however, is a nonexistent element, as you see individuals of physically dissimilar qualities, ‘blend’ into one. That is the special element conveyed by Parker’s tender, Blended. It reminds us that we are all essentially the same; a nurturing, loving diversity of humanity.

kate parker blended baby

kate parker blended photo series baby

photo series kate parker blended

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