Intimate Portraits of Polar Bears Set Against Backdrops of Warm Colors

polar bears

Typically, we are all predisposed to seeing the stark white polar bear depicted against a glaringly icy white background, but photographer, Sylvain Cordier has different ideas. Instead we have these pictures of the huge creatures set against a background of warm colors and hues. They are shown against backdrops of almost tropical-like, vibrant colors of reds, yellows and oranges.

sunset photo series polar bears

The unusual pictures also capture the intimacy of a female bear and her two cubs as they bask in the warmth of an ebbing sun at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Kaktovik. The bears can be seen gazing into the sunset, looking content with the peaceful moment as they enjoy the afternoon together. There is something almost human in the animals as they look cheerfully huddled with each other, enjoying the simple joys of the day as it comes to an end.

photo series polar bears sunset

Cordier did not chance on these beautiful moments, as he spent three weeks following the bears. The 67-year-old  who hails from Alsace in France said, “ I was lucky because I was photographing a very calm and cooperative mother and her two large cubs.” He further recounted the experience, “One evening it got to about 6.30pm and I knew a sunset was imminent. I positioned my boat in the hope the bears would move in the right direction and then it all just happened by chance really.”

polar bears photo series sunset

It is a perfect blend of both a stunning sunset with all its fiery colors bathing a white arctic landscape, and a family of polar bears, caught in the tenderness and affection of filial love, happening all together. The atmosphere was absolutely extraordinary,” exclaimed Cordier of the exceptional experience.

sunset polar bears photo series

polar bears photo series

photo series polar bears

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Patricia Ramos

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