Intricate Collages Made from Hundreds of Photographs Combined Together

catherine nelson expedition

Artist Catherine Nelson just recently unveiled a new collection entitled Expedition. This new series is a digitally manipulated collection of collages made from hundreds of photographs combined together. The Belgium-based Nelson painstakingly put the various pieces together, assembling them into expansive scenes that look suspended between the realms of fantasy and reality.


To give one an idea of how detailed the work was, the five pieces that comprise Expedition took nearly a year to piece together. This is not the first time for Nelson to dabble with collages.  Her previous work looked like small planets, while those found in Expedition run against the convention of typical landscapes.

photo series expedition catherine nelson photo series

One’s sense of typical geography is thrown off balance as you would be hard pressed to find a sense of location or direction with these images that seem to go off in many directions, challenging conventional norms of perspective and vantage point.

Every landscape collage is generous in size with physical measurements of 60″ tall and up to 115″ wide. To gaze at these images is much like the games that have proliferated on the internet, where you search for ‘hidden’ objects within cluttered compositions.

expedition catherine nelson

The five pieces are flowing with details like hidden bats, snakes and lizards, all elements inspired by Nelson’s recollections of her natural surroundings as she was growing-up along the Australian east coast. One would also be led to think this as an artist’s impressions of the Garden of Eden, with all the lush greenery and wild vegetation, and the solitary male figure being Adam, awaiting the arrival of his Eve.

photo series expedition

Those who want to see more of Nelson’s art will be happy to know that she will soon be working this May with Michael Reid Gallery at the Head On Photo Festival in Sydney. After that, a forthcoming solo show is being planned to be mounted in Melbourne this coming August at Gallerysmith.

See the amazingly intricate and elaborate Expedition here.

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