Intriguing Photo Series of a Woman Backlit Behind a White Screen


One would be reminded of Victorian era advertisements upon seeing the beautiful photos in the series called Be a Woman. In the collection, photographer Hanna Seweryn created images of shadows cast on a backlit screen of a woman as she strikes different poses.

be a woman hanna seweryn

She can be seen having a cigarette, reading a book, sipping a cup of tea, and even fixing herself-up on a mirror.  Be a Woman is intriguingly sexy in how it is almost suggestive, with only the faint silhouettes to gaze at. One is made to wonder about the woman behind the shadows.

be a woman silhouette

Who is she? What is she like? Is she waiting for someone? Is she as pretty as we would like to think? These are all the absorbing questions that come to mind when we view the intriguing Be a Woman series of Seweryn.

photo series be a woman

She shared this about herself and what drives her craft:

“I have been taking photographs since 2008, and every day I discover things which I wouldn’t normally notice. I perceive colors, light, shadows, and details that bring me happiness, give me inspiration and humble me. I like to walk my own roads of silence in contemplation, admiring the beauty of nature, people, and all that I might encounter on my way. Photography has become my passion, my great love, and healing for my soul, and my camera is my most faithful friend. It has enabled me to meet wonderful people and to see seemingly invisible things. Thanks to this passion I can share the way I see the world…my world…enclosed in the shape of a square.”

be a woman photo series

It is amazing what vague silhouettes of a woman doing ordinary, mundane things can become, as they are transformed into artistic statements laced with mystery.

be a woman

See more of Seweryn’s work, including the brilliantly simple but absorbing Be a Woman here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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